About US

ROM-Agder is a regional user-controlled center of expertise and resource base focused on the mental health field. The organization is located in Kristiansand, Norway;  its purpose is:

  • A development of the services and user involvement in mental health and addiction treatment.
  • Development of knowledgde within the field.
  • Competence building for user involvement.
  • Work training.

The core of ROM Agder's work is to improve the services relating to mental health. To achieve this, we work with organizations, universities/colleges, research institutions, government agencies etc.

The effort has recently been directed towards anti-stigma projects, recovery oriented support services for people with mental challenges, next of kin, student counseling, participation in collaborative arenas and information work.

ROM-Agder is constantly looking for new, interesting partners, and you are encouraged to contact us to exchange experiences, and possibly the establishment of further cooperation:

Haakon Steen, CEO,  Phone : +4747468418/+4793208649

Email: post@rom-agder.no